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Hairless Cats

The Sphynx: Unique & Playful

Picture of a sphynx cat

A Sphynx cat

Hairless cats are an unusual type of pet, to say the least. The sphynx cat is one breed of hairless cat. These large eared, wrinkled cats have a soft fuzz around the face, ears, and tails. The rest of their bodies are coated with smooth skin. This skin can be in a variety of pigments or even spotted, and is said to feel like a suede covered hot water bottle.





Size: Medium sized cat
Weight: Sphynx cats have a surprising weight for their size
Life Span: 13-15 years
Care: Sphynx cats are sensitive to cold and sun (sunburn and sunstrokes). They are the only cats that need bathing (once a week) and ear cleaning.


The sphynx cat originated from a natural mutation of a hairless kitten born in Canada in 1966. Breeders have bred hairless cats with domestic cats in order to produce a hairless cat breed that has good health and vigor.


The sphynx cat is a real eye catcher, but it adores all the attention. It likes to be loved and will perform antics to entertain its owners. While they have sturdy good health, hairless cats can feel chilly in a cool home, just like the humans can.


Hairless cats are sometimes recommended for people who love cats but have cat allergies, but this is bad advice because sphynx cats might be even worse for your allergies.

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