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Siamese Cats

A Popular Breed

Siamese cat

Boogie, the Siamese cat

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds of house cat. With their velvety dark faces, bright blue eyes, and perky personalities, these feline friends are charming, exotic, and beautiful.


Siamese cats are believed to originate from Siam (Thailand), but that is speculation. The breed first came to England in the late 1800's and were soon appearing in cat shows in the U.S. siamese cats have been popular ever since.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: 2-5 kg.
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: no special requirements


The most common coloring for Siamese cats is the seal point. These cats have deep brown faces, ears, feet, and tails, but the rest of their short haired coat is creamy beige. Like all siamese cats, seal points have a long neck, long tail, and long legs. The head is straight and wedge shaped.


There are several other colors in this breed. One is the blue point, which has slate blue in the dark areas (points) and a bluish white body. The chocolate point has a creamy white body with dark chocolate brown points. The lilac point has a white body and points of an almost pinkish shade of gray on the points.


Besides beauty, the siamese cat in known for its expressive voice and people-loving personality. More than most breeds of house cat, Siamese cats intrigue people with their intelligence.

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